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    1. 06 Nov, 2015

      Hi There

      I am the Director of Connect Network- ARISE is a member of Connect and I recently found a photo of yours on one of there communication pieces. Every year we produce a calendar for all our members depicting images of the work they are involved in . We simply love the little one with the child with a smiley face on his/her hand and wondered if you would give permission for us to use it

      If you email me to this address then I will send you the photo that I mean

      Thanks so much

      Kind regards


    2. 17 Sep, 2016

      Hope to hear from you soon regarding the adoption process.

      • 20 Oct, 2016

        Hi Anthea, the first step of the adoption process is to find a social worker that you feel comfortable working with. She will then direct you through the screening process. Please let me know if I can assist you further. Hope it all goes well.

        • 29 Jul, 2017

          Dear Madam,

          I am seeking for information or advice as how best to help a certain boy-orphan who requires an ID book but cannot get it. He is born to a South African mother and a foreign male national whose whereabouts and identity have never been known. The mother, who, fortunately did not abandon or dump the baby boy at birth and for some unknown reasons did not manage to obtain the particulars for the child except of the clinic birth record which the boy still has in his possession,died just before the boy completed Matric which he did successfully.

          Neighbours, friends and the only but few maternal relatives now seemingly distant have tried to assist but to no avail although of course the idea of adoption seems unbecoming to most. The situation is pathetic especially at the wake of trying to find a job when he does not have an ID.

          Concerned friend.

    3. 10 Nov, 2017

      To Robyn Wolfson hi my name is Euradiece if u can help me please I have a child that not mine but I have been looking after for 4 years. Please can u asist me

      • 13 Nov, 2017

        Hi Euradiece, thanks for your message. Would you like to adopt the child that has been living with you? If so, you will need the assistance of an adoption social worker (I can give you some names if you would like help). The social worker will then determine if your child is adoptable (either the birth mother has to sign consent or the social worker needs to be able to prove that she and the birth father have abandoned the child). Please do let me know if I can assist further. All the best.

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