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RealTalk with Anele on SABC3 focus on adoption: World Adoption Day 9th November 2017

On World Adoption Day 2017, Anele from RealTalk on SABC3 talked to Thola Antamu, an adult adoptee, poet and performance artist; Kgomotso Mgiba, a birth mom who placed her daughter for adoption; Sihle Mooi who, along with his wife Gigi, has adopted two gorgeous boys; Margaret Nhlanhla, a social worker from ABBA Specialist Adoption and Social Services, and myself in my capacity as an adoptive mom and child protection advocate.

Abandoned Babies: Lost or Found(lings), what’s in a name?  PowerFM987 12th November 2017

Speaking to Kwena Moabelo about abandonment in South Africa and why this is such a shocking and endemic societal problem in South Africa and what can be done.

Carte Blanche feature on the adoption crisis in KwaZulu Natal: 3rd September 2017

In 2016 only 8 adoptions occurred in KwaZulu Natal. This in a country with 3 million orphan and thousands of crisis pregnancies every year. But the Department of Social Development in the province denies that there is a problem, stating that its solutions of family reunification, foster care and even institutional care is adequate. The adoption community disagrees citing countless stories of overfull Baby Homes, insecure attachment, parents in fear of losing their children and years spent fighting for permanent placements for each child. What is the true story, and what will become of the children caught in the cross-fire?

Cape Talk Interview: 17th June 2017 the funding crisis for Social Development NGOs

Understanding the funding crisis that has resulted in some social welfare NGOs closing their doors and others struggling to stay afloat.  Why is this happening, will government act and what can South Africans do to keep these organisations functioning?

SABC 3: Talking about abandonment in Child Protection Week 31st May 2017

South Africa has a heart-breaking problem with abandonment and although statistics seem to indicate that number of abandonments to NGOs have decreased slightly, the number of anonymous and usually unsafe abandonments has increased.  The result is that approximately 2 out of every 3 abandoned children die.  Why is this and what can be done?  Watch this interview on SABC3 24 hours news channel during Child Protection Week 2017.

Prontuit: “Weg-gooi Babas” Abandoned babies in South Africa: 28th November 2016

Nadene Grabham from the Door of Hope and I talk to Prontuit about abandonment and illegal late term abortion, plus the women who make the brave choice to abandon safely through the Door of Hope Baby Saver.

Sunday Live April 3rd 2016

If you want to know more about adoption in South Africa, watch SABC1’s Sunday Live Show which focuses on the process, who can adopt and some wonderful local adoption stories.

The goal is to educate, debunk some myths and to inspire people to grow their families through adoption.



Great Expectations August 11th 2014

In an episode of ETV’s Great Expectations on 11th August 2014: “Moms against the Odds”, our family had an opportunity to tell the story about our struggle with infertility and our adoption journey.

Watch the interview and the TV version of our story here:



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